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Motion Graphics For Classics

Tel Aviv University’s Classics department asked me a few weeks ago to create a promotional video for the upcoming open day on February 15th. They wanted a sleek, good looking video that explains what Classical Studies is all about, what students will study and what skills will they gain.

They also wanted to share some student testimonials, to show how cool we are. They emphasized the video must look as “unacademic” as possible: something fun that speaks to young audience and conveys the notion that Classics is an interesting and challenging field.

As a student of the department myself, this project was really a merge between my professional activity and my academic passion, which up until now were pretty much separated.

The job was done in After Effects and Illustrator, and took about two weeks to get done. The testimonials were shot by one of the department’s students. I received content direction from my client, but the visual side of the project was really up to me. My main goal was to incorporate as many classical symbols into the design as possible. I used Illustrator to create all the Greek ornaments and the Ionic columns.

I love working in 3D in After Effects, putting in DoF effects and playing with camera movements. I thought of creating some sort of a temple from the columns, and place the testimonials in there. Having the camera dolly between the columns turned out to be a good effect.

Texts is the main tool for a classicist. I tried to convey that by placing as many of them as possible, and have them come in and out of shot, so the viewer will be immersed in classical texts. I used poems (Catullus), tragedies (Oedipus Rex), epic poems (Iliad), prose (Caesar) and speeches (Cicero). Try to guess where I put what :)

I wanted to end the video with something epic. Flying through the images really gave a dramatic tone to the end of the video, and it also fit with the narration, which says “You never stop studying Classics”.

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